Thursday, 21 August 2014

iPad Air 2 Rumours

When it comes to Apple products, rumors abound. The much anticipated iPad Air 2 is in the final design stages, and information leaks are quietly spreading across the web. According to CNet, KGI Securities top analyst Ming Chi-Kou released his oft-cited predictions for the next generation of iPads. His predictions are based upon insider information leaks and speculation.

First Generation Design Specifications
The first generation iPad air launched late last autumn is incredibly thin and light. It was designed with a 24% reduction in overall volume, according to the Apple website. The iPad Air brought significant refinements to the lineup of Apple products and was exciting to consumers. 
Even though the new Air model is almost a quarter thinner and lighter than previous iPad models, it is more durable. Its “unibody construction” makes enclosure of its components sleeker, safer and more elegant. The first generation iPad Air model is much more efficient and wastes fewer materials during production. It is very highly portable, durable and easy to use and maintain. 

Second Generation Design Speculation
Ming thinks the iPad Air 2 will come loaded with the highly anticipated Touch ID program, which is a fingerprint identification system. This system is guaranteed to boost security for the new tablets, making theft of information and property more difficult. So far, only the newest and most luxurious models of iPhones have included the fingerprint security feature. 

Last year the first iPad Air was launched in November, while Ming predicts this year’s launch will be some time during the third fiscal quarter or early in the fourth quarter. This would be wise, as consumers will have more time to shop for this device before the holiday season. He also predicts that the release of the new iPhone could take a bite out of iPad Air 2 sales. 

The new iPaid Air 2 is expected to run on the new and mysterious Apple A8 processor. This process is rumored to be in the same performance class or even better than the Core i5 processor used in many desktop and laptop computers. With such a powerful and efficient processor, it is no surprise that professionals are excited about the upcoming product release. 

Some rumors state that the new iPad Air 2 will have an optional detachable Apple keyboard and other extras that will be available early in 2015. The screen resolution should also be at least as good as the Retina MacBook Pro. Other rumors state that the new device will have rounded edges similar to the first generation design, but the devices should have a narrower beveled edge.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Rumours And Leak Pictures

A range of photos have recently surfaced that are claimed to be pictures of Samsung’s newest model – Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The design itself is quite similar to one of their most popular designs, the Samsung Galaxy S5. However it does have a variety of new features. These would include;
  • A metallic band around the outside of the phone.
  • The flash and heart rate sensor has been located on the side of the camera.
  • There is a front home button.
  • It has a 4.7’’ display screen.
  • There is a large camera on the back.

The specs that are included in their newest model seem to vary from the Galaxy F which was also a leaked model. The Galaxy Alpha is to be powered by the newest LTE-enabled Exynos chipset. 
The overall design includes a faux-leather rear cover and dotted pattern. They are also black in colour. 
It has also been speculated that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will launch around the same period the iPhone 6 is set to hit our shelves. Therefore, Samsung is set to put in all the stops to ensure their new launch will be highly successful. 
Although not much information has been given out, it has been rumoured that the Galaxy Alpha will include a variety of other specs, such as;
  • 3GB of RAM.
  • A QHD display.
  • A snapdragon 805 processor.
  • It will include a HD display screen.
  • 32GB of storage included.
  • Fingerprint scanner.

No micro SD.In terms of this phone being unique to their previous designs, I would have to say the Galaxy Alpha does share a wide range of similarities in terms of their design, however their size seems to vary. 
The Galaxy S5 was a much larger model however it seems Samsung decided to take a new step and make their newest model slightly smaller. However, it has been reported that the Alpha is set to be a newer version to the S5 but these theories will not be 100% until the model is released.

Apple Will Stop iPod Series Production

The rumor mill has been going around for some time now and actually, some tech pundits have been floating the idea that sooner or later the rumours about apple will stop iPod production is about to be confirmed and even to license the production of iPod to another manufacturer in order to get out of the business of selling iPods altogether. 

Well, this may sound crazy, but the apple family has been known to pull some incredible and unpredictable stunts. But what could trigger this? Off course, if the iPod stopped being a money maker, apple would not hold on to it any longer and instead put more emphasis on their core products; the iPhone and the iPad and apple computers.

It is known out there that the rise of the iPhone and the iPod touch as the next generation of portable media players have played a great role in the drowning of such subsidiary devices like the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle. 

Like wise the popularity of the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad which have numerous functions as compared to both the iPod classic and the has also played a tremendous role in outdoing these gadgets in the market. No wonder Apple seems to have focused their production on a new line of iPhone in conjunction with with the launch of the iPod touch

So even as the Apple fans wait for the next production of this gadget, they may as well be bound for a surprise and a disappointment as Apple may jump out of the production of their legendary music players; the iPod shuffle and the iPod classic after almost 10 years of manufacturing. 

Therefore, if you are one of the owner of the previous generation of the iPods then you better be thankful for having the opportunity to own such a pretty popular and useful music device.

Microsoft Windows 9 Rumours

Microsoft may release Windows 9 in April, 2015. This version has improved features when compared to Windows 8.Rumour about next OS update from Microsoft claim that Windows 9 will have a better desktop mode than Windows 8. Windows 9 will have a better task manager and it can support multiple displays.
One of the complaints regarding Windows 8 is that the desktop and the touch screen operating system had different apps that were offered in two separate versions. Windows 9 will improve this feature by bringing back the start menu. The start menu will combine the start screen of Windows 8 and the start features that are found in Windows 7.
Rumour about the next OS update from Microsoft suggests that Windows 9 start menu will have a calendar, People, mail and modern tiles. Bringing back the start menu will help you to access programs easily. The new Windows version will have a desktop mode. The new modern UI applications can run during Windows mode. This allows users to run new applications without switching to the touch screen interface.
Touch screen devices will have their own version of Windows 9. This will make it easier to use than Windows 8. Rumours from Microsoft show that they may offer Windows Cloud which allows you to download, store and run programs when you are online.
Before Microsoft releases Windows 9 they will update Windows 8.1 and 8 to Windows 8.2. This version of Windows is considered to be the testing tool that Microsoft will use to see how people will react to Windows 9 when they release it in April 2015. 
However Windows 9 and Windows 8.2 will be different from each other. Windows 9 will have bug fixes and features that are not found in Windows 8. Windows 9 will support more apps than Windows 8.
If these rumours are anything to go by Windows 9 will be a reprieve to many people who dislike the current interface and features of Windows 8.